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Business Coaching

Get the guidance you need to take your business to the next level! These topics will give you the clarity and action steps necessary to win in your business.

Strategic Planning

Be trained on how to focus on what is important to put all your focus on in your business. 

Strategic Tools

To be great at anything, you need the necessary tools. These resources are the perfect accompaniment to support your business.

In This Program

You Will Be Coached How To:


Turn Your Business UP

Foundational blocks will be put in place to help you build a rock solid, thriving business with Next Level monthly coaching. 


Draw People To Your Team

Learn how to draw people to your team by walking confidently in your personal giftings and never letting people fall through the cracks with follow-up strategies.


Stay Consistent

Be held accountable to setting goals, planning ahead for your day/month/quarter, and learn how to assess your business along the way.


Be Resilient at All Times

When new challenges are thrown your way, your mindset matters, managing your time matters, and knowing WHY you are doing this all in the first place matters. Grow in these areas with Next Level Coaching.

Program Topics

Your Mission / Your Why
Building Business Habits
Time Management
Goal Setting
Personality Assessment
Business Finances
Sales Process
Customer Follow Up
Team Culture
Mindset...and more

Meet John & Carrie

John and Carrie Elder have been business owners since 2005, spending the majority of that time in the health and wellness space. Throughout their careers, their passion to help their clients freely live the life they are called to live has been a constant theme.

They have owned five companies, helped their boys start businesses and coached hundreds of other entrepreneurs and high-level executives, showing them how to unlock their business and leadership potential. MORE

Get The Coaching You Need

I rely on my trainers at the gym to take me to the next level. And they do! We are always more successful when someone is guiding, challenging and encouraging us! The same should be true for your business. Leveling up is a requirement when growing your business. Next Level Coaching will take you there!


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